Activity Films

We've put together a series of short how-to videos showing wildlife-themed activities you can do at home.

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How to do Hapa Zome

Create beautiful leaf print artwork, inspired by symmetry in nature.

How to make a Film

Tips from Vlogger, Mya Bambrick on how to tell your wildlife stories in a video

Tracks and signs: Poo Dunnit?

Identify some of the signs that animals leave behind

How to understand what birds are saying

Find out more about bird calls and listen to the dawn chorus

How to make Elderflower Cordial

How to make Elderflower Cordial

How to make a Bird Feeder

Make a simple apple feeder for your feathered friends

How to make a Kite

Inspired by birds of prey such as Buzzard and Kestrel, let's make a kite

How to build a Den

There are many ways to build a den, but here are some tips to get you started

How to make seed bombs

Seed bombs are great fun for children and adults. Sowing wildflowers provides vital resources to support a wide range of insects.

How to make leaf art

Create beautiful art from fallen leaves

How to make a Journey Stick

Why not take yourself on an adventure and map your journey using a journey stick.

Sit Spot

Find a spot where you can observe and connect with nature.

Snail Racing

How to run a successful Snail Race & discover some juicy facts about slugs and snails

How to make a strandline boat

Build a boat from items you can find along the seashore

How to make Nettle String

Did you know Nettles have a fibrous stem, which can be used to make string and cord?

Investigating Insects

Let's get close to insects and observe these amazing creatures

Beaver Story

As Beavers are making a return to Sussex, find out which Beaver kit makes the best dam.

How to do Viking Braiding

Making a Viking braid for your hair or as a friendship band

How to make a Dragonfly

Make a dragonfly sculpture from natural materials

How to make an Elder bead necklace

The wood from the Elder tree contains a soft pithy core which is easily removed to create hollow beads.

How to Tie Dye using Berries

Use berries or natural dyes to create beautiful flags

How to Dye Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs with natural dyes

How to make your own Rudolph

Make your own festive reindeer from natural materials - don't forget the red nose!