Iping and Stedham Commons

Iping and Stedham Commons represent some of the best that this scarce heathland habitat can offer. As rich in atmosphere as it is in wildlife.

Iping and Stedham Common Nature Reserve is situated just west of Midhurst and is one of the best examples of lowland heathland in Sussex. Its extensive 125ha is mostly owned by Sussex Wildlife Trust and also now includes Trotton Common and Bridgelands Plantation. It is a great place to see some of the amazing wildlife that can only be found on this declining habitat. Over 80% of lowland heath has been lost from the UK in the last couple of centuries. On top of this the UK has 20% of the world’s lowland heath making the total area rarer than tropical rainforests.

Heathland Restoration work
Heathland Restoration work continues on Iping and Stedham Commons this winter.  During October, November and December contractors will be working with machinery to clear small birch and pine trees.  This will allow heathland plants to re-establish.

Please follow any instructions and keep dogs on a lead near the work areas. Thank you for your co-operation.

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