Levin Down

A superb example of chalk grassland and scrub, rich in flowers and butterflies

Levin Down is easy to see. As you come over the ridge at Goodwood racecourse it stands alone – a hill covered in natural scrubby grass­land; the olive green hues are so different from the synthetic emerald of the agricultural fields and viridian forestry plantations that form the surrounding landscape. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest; indeed the reason that Levin has so much of its wildlife value still intact is hinted at in the name, which is derived from ‘Leave-Alone Hill’, meaning that the land was too steep for the plough or other intensive agriculture.

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28 hectares

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Meet our volunteers: Bill Young

Meet our volunteers: Bill Young

Bill Young has a been a volunteering with the Trust for 45 years, most recently at Levin Down. He tells us all about it.

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