Give In Memory

Thank you for thinking of donating to the Sussex Wildlife Trust in memory of a loved one. Many people choose to remember a loved one by donating in memory to their favourite cause.Your generosity and support is hugely appreciated and your gift will help secure a better future for wildlife in Sussex as a lasting tribute.

The options here are simple suggestions. If you would like to discuss them, or anything else relating to donations in memory then please feel free to contact Gemma Pratt, Email: [email protected] or phone: 01273 497566

In this section

Make an In Memory donation online

You can remember a loved one by choosing to make a donation in their memory to their favourite cause

Create an In Memory page

You may wish to ask your friends and family to make a charitable donation instead of buying flowers. You can do this online to collect donations for the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Funeral collection services

You may prefer to include a request for donations in funeral announcements or at the funeral service. This choice is often a reflection of a loved one’s life, interests and values.

Commemorative bird plaques

We have now established memorial areas at Woods Mill and Rye Harbour Nature Reserves where we offer commemorative bird shaped plaques.

Cheque donations

Please make cheques payable to 'Sussex Wildlife Trust'