• Nuts for Dormice

      Nuts for Dormice

      Dormice have a very particular way of eating hazelnuts that helps us to distinguish them from those nibbled by other woodland mammals such as mice and voles.

    • Behind the Lens with Les Binns

      Behind the Lens with Les Binns

      Les Binns lives in Lincolnshire, but took some beautiful photographs on some of our reserves during a trip to Sussex. He has kindly donated these to our image library, and here he shares some of his favou​rites

    • Planning to fail wildlife

      Planning to fail wildlife

      The Government is proposing a major overhaul of the planning system and this poses a huge threat to Sussex wildlife.

    • Black Poplars

      Black Poplars

      Back in 2003 we collected some saplings of Sussex Black Poplar from Wakehurst Place and with our team of volunteers planted them out at Castle Water.

    • Amazing Ivy

      Amazing Ivy

      Despite all the life it supports ivy has a reputation as a killer, its roots sucking the life from the trees it surrounds. This isn’t true


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