• PONDTAIL re-WOODing

      PONDTAIL re-WOODing

      Breaking news – Pondtail Wood has just been sold and the public enquiry has been cancelled

    • Your frogspawn questions answered

      Your frogspawn questions answered

      Every year WildCall gets lots phone calls from people worried about the frog spawn and tadpoles in their ponds. Here are the answers to the most frequent asked frogspawn questions.

    • Wood mice

      Wood mice

      There are more than 30 million wood mice in the UK – that’s one for every two humans that live here – and they can be found in almost any habitat, often close to people.

    • Training for the Brighton Marathon

      Training for the Brighton Marathon

      Watch the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Brighton Marathon team as they are making their final preparations for the race on 9 April 2017

    • Dancing grebes

      Dancing grebes

      The great crested grebe cannot fail to draw attention with its flamboyant breeding plumage and balletic courtship displays.

    • A Toadally abundant time of year

      A Toadally abundant time of year

      What’s great at this time of year, is that signs of frogs and toads are evidence that spring is finally on its way.

    • Spring bumblebees

      Spring bumblebees

      You might have heard a buzz in the air and caught a glimpse of insect royalty as queen bumblebees are starting to emerge from hibernation.


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