• Magnificent mallards

      Magnificent mallards

      If you were asked to picture a duck, you’d probably think of a mallard.

    • Love birds

      Love birds

      Love is in the air for our garden birds as they busily prepare for the breeding season…

    • Brighton & Hove Mayor's Charities Walk

      Brighton & Hove Mayor's Charities Walk

      Join Brighton & Hove Mayor, Pete West, to raise money for the Sussex Wildlife Trust, and walk the boundary of our city to create a new, official, designated pathway.

    • Romance blossoms under the sea

      Romance blossoms under the sea

      Bonding behaviour can be observed in seahorses and it is perhaps one of the more ‘romantic’ relationships seen in animals.

    • New Nature & Bushcraft groups across Sussex

      New Nature & Bushcraft groups across Sussex

      Due to popular demand, Sussex Wildlife Trust is expanding its programme of monthly weekend groups for families to enjoy outdoor fun, explore and connect with the natural world across the county this spring.

    • Owl with attitude

      Owl with attitude

      Small, cute, but full of attitude, the little owl is one of the most commonly seen owls in the British countryside due to its habit of sitting on fence-posts

    • Valentine's Day Give Away

      Valentine's Day Give Away

      We have a Sussex Gin Martini hamper to give away to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day…

    • Waxwing Lyrical

      Waxwing Lyrical

      If someone said to you that Crawley was a winter wildlife watching hotspot, you might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow or two, but this recent cold spell has turned up some interesting birdlife.


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