• Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

      Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

      Dr Raymond Ward is a principal lecturer in coastal environments at the University of Brighton and an avid diver. In a guest blog, Ray tells us of some encouraging signs that kelp is already starting to bounce back in our waters.

    • Wildflower photographer Kathryn Martin

      Wildflower photographer Kathryn Martin

      Photographer Kathryn Martin cares about the environment and began a project to identify and photograph wildflowers on a regular walk near her home in Southease, which are part of a series which form an exhibition. Some of the sales of these will support the work of Sussex Wildlife Trust.

    • The 2020 Odonata in Sussex Challenge

      The 2020 Odonata in Sussex Challenge

      For many years I have been meaning to take more interest in Dragonflies and Damselflies, and the summer and autumn of 2020 provided the perfect opportunity.

    • Awakenings


      Our 60th anniversary creative writing anthology, ‘Awakenings’ has been published online. Thank you for all of your submissions.

    • Only connect!

      Only connect!

      Connections, and a sense of community, matter. We need them to thrive. Emma Chaplin talks about how we might want to find ways to connect to nature for the sake of our mental wellbeing


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