• Greenfinch - Bird Song

      Greenfinch - Bird Song

      The Greenfinch is an exceedingly attractive and familiar garden bird species, but sadly it’s in serious decline

    • Dare to be wild!

      Dare to be wild!

      New review says you can get a long-lasting feel-good factor from 30 Days Wild

    • Being kind - the benefits of nature

      Being kind - the benefits of nature

      With the world in lockdown, the uplifting role that wildlife plays in our lives has become more vital than ever. We all need nature, and not just for the fundamentals like food, air and water that are essential to our very existence. Nature also has the power to make us feel happy and boost our health and wellbeing, just by being there.

    • Behind the App with Dave Kilbey

      Behind the App with Dave Kilbey

      Dave Kilbey has supplied Sussex Wildlife Trust with many wonderful photos over the years, but more recently, he’s helped the Trust out during the lockdown period by coming up with an app for our Back Garden Bird Race. We interviewed him over the phone about apps and photography.

    • The Bees Knees

      The Bees Knees

      There are around 276 species of bee in the UK, many of which are common and widespread.

    • Song Thrush - Bird Song

      Song Thrush - Bird Song

      The Song Thrush is the most familiar member of its family to have ‘Thrush’ in the name. They’re one of just a few birds comprehensively defined by their song

    • The Raven

      The Raven

      Michael Blencowe blog on Ravens in Lewes

    • Be tick aware

      Be tick aware

      Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.


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