• An evening at Castle Water

      An evening at Castle Water

      The evening is my favourite time for watching wildlife, it usually offers a special experience. I’d like to share last evening with you with these five short videos.

    • Blackberry Bushes

      Blackberry Bushes

      ​The Blackberry or Bramble is a member of the rose family and it is a great habitat for birds, insects and spiders - not forgetting it that it produces delicious, juicy, black berries in August and September.

    • Why we decided to remember Sussex Wildlife Trust in our wills

      Why we decided to remember Sussex Wildlife Trust in our wills

      “Think about how you would like the world to be when you’re no longer around. If you can leave money to a charity that will carry on the activities and promote the principles that you support, then you can be sure you’ll be making a difference”

    • Bee Wolf

      Bee Wolf

      Last week Glenn Norris spent 15 minutes watching one of the coolest insects of the year the Bee Wolf.

    • Sussex Heathlands

      Sussex Heathlands

      Sussex Wildlife Trust manages a lot of heathland within Sussex and each has its own characteristics.

    • Stonechat


      Meet the Stonechat, a robin-sized bird with a loud alarm call that sounds just like two pebbles clacking together.

    • Swallowtail Diary

      Swallowtail Diary

      This is the ongoing account of the Swallowtail butterfly at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in 2020.

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