• The trouble with trees

      The trouble with trees

      The creation of forests and woods can be a major contribution to restoring nature and can draw carbon out of the atmosphere, so helping fight climate change. However, done badly, tree planting and tree regeneration can cause major ecological damage.

    • Dip into the world of dabbling ducks

      Dip into the world of dabbling ducks

      Ducks can be split into two broad groups: dabblers and divers. As the name suggests, diving ducks feed mainly by diving underwater, using their strong feet (and sometimes their wings) to swim. Dabbling ducks, however, feed predominantly at the surface, sometimes even grazing on land. Many dabblers can often be seen upending, with their heads underwater and their bums in the air.

    • What to look for in Winter

      What to look for in Winter

      Throughout the winter the Sussex countryside shuts down and can appear barren and lifeless but during these cold months there are still many opportunities to see some amazing wildlife.

    • Footprints


      Footprints in mud or snow reveal the secretive creatures that have recently passed by

    • Natural traditions

      Natural traditions

      We all have our favourite Christmas traditions, and many of the oldest and best-known have nature at their heart. From boughs of holly to bunches of mistletoe, potted Poinsettias and evergreen wreathes, millions of us have been re-wilding our homes for the festive season by bringing the outdoors in.

    • Christmas & New Year

      Christmas & New Year

      Season’s greetings to all of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s members and supporters.

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