• Fabulous fungi

      Fabulous fungi

      Autumn reveals a wonderful array of fantastic fungi, marvellous mushrooms and tremendous toadstools.

    • Sussex super-trout

      Sussex super-trout

      November signals the start of the wild trout spawning season.

    • Golden plover

      Golden plover

      ‘Goldies’ descend from their upland breeding grounds to form large winter flocks in sheltered spots along the coast

    • Otter spotted in central Sussex

      Otter spotted in central Sussex

      An eagle-eyed member of the public couldn’t believe his eyes when he caught sight of what he thought was an otter swimming in a river in central Sussex.

    • Cetti's Warbler

      Cetti's Warbler

      Cetti’s Warbler can be a frustratingly difficult bird to see - always on the move and often close to the ground. The thinning vegetation makes now a great time to try and spot one at Woods Mill.

    • Be part of something

      Be part of something

      As part of #IWill Week, a Youth Ranger blogs about how volunteering has helped them gain confidence and experience

    • The Rise of the Herons

      The Rise of the Herons

      In the early days of the nature reserve the only species of heron you were likely to see at Rye Harbour was the familiar grey heron, but now…

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