Pevensey Marshes

A large area of grazing marsh with numerous ditches and pools

Pevensey Marshes is a large low lying area of wet grassland. Over 3,500 hectares is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its rich aquatic flora and fauna and we own nearly 150 hectares of land here.

While much of the Pevensey Marshes has been historically drained for agricultural purposes, we try to keep our land as wet as possible to allow wildlife to flourish. We work with local graziers whose cattle graze at low numbers through the summer and, if it is not too wet we graze with sheep in the winter. This keeps the grass at a level suitable for waders such as Lapwing and Redshank to breed.

This reserve, like many others, is maintained by grazing livestock. The livestock is provided by three local farms. Some of the milk from these cows is used to make organic yogurt and smoothies by Court Lodge Organics.

Pevensey Marshes is one the few Trust nature reserves that is not open to the public.

Water Spiders of Pevensey Marshes

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150 hectares

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