Dogs are welcome, but please keep them under close control and clean up after your dog.

The three key heathland birds: woodlark, nightjar and tree pipit, all nest on the ground. This makes them vulnerable to disturbance by dogs running free. The birds see dogs as predators, whatever the size and harmless character of the dog and can abandon their nests resulting in the loss of eggs and chicks. It is essential for visitors to keep dogs on a lead or on the path from March to September.

adder / Elliot Neap

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News from Iping and Stedham Commons

    • Heathland Dragonflies at Stedham and Iping Commons

      Heathland Dragonflies at Stedham and Iping Commons

      As part of the Heathland Sculpture Trail that connects the heathlands within the South Downs National Park, a sculpture dedicated to the specialist heathland dragonflies has been erected at Stedham Common.

    • Bee Wolf

      Bee Wolf

      Last week Glenn Norris spent 15 minutes watching one of the coolest insects of the year the Bee Wolf.

    • Sussex Heathlands

      Sussex Heathlands

      Sussex Wildlife Trust manages a lot of heathland within Sussex and each has its own characteristics.

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