Getting around

The reserve is situated two miles west of Midhurst, there is a large car park on the Elsted Road just off the A272.

The reserve is fairly flat but can be muddy in winter. There are no stiles, but there are many gates to allow entry into the grazing areas.

nightjar / Paul Stevens

Current volunteering opportunities

News from Iping and Stedham Commons

    • Be tick aware

      Be tick aware

      Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.

    • Britain's Heaviest Spider

      Britain's Heaviest Spider

      The Four-spotted Orbweaver Araneus quadratus is Britain’s heaviest spider, coming in at a whopping 2.5 grams.

    • Sundews


      The sundew is a carnivorous plant found growing in Sussex

    • High risk of wildfires

      High risk of wildfires

      ​Please be aware there is currently a heightened risk of fire, particularly on heathland sites due to the dry unseasonably warm weather.

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