Beaver Story

Tamara Jewell shares a Beaver's tale. As Beavers are making a return to Sussex, find out which Beaver kit makes the best dam.

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Dam busters – A Beaver dream

Little Kit Beavers, builders three.

Made some dams, who’s best? Let’s See!

The first built a dam from leaves and straw

The other 2 kits thought the water would pour.

The second built a dam from sticks and wood.

A little bit leaky but work it could.

The thirds ambition to slow the flow

Used sticks and mud and stones in a row.

Down came the rain, to wash them out.

Hooray said the Beavers – the end of the drought.

Its raining, it’s pouring, the first Beaver’s snoring.

Little beaver, little beaver let me in.

Not by the hairs on my chiny chin chin!

Then I’ll rush and I’ll flush and I’ll flood you out

And the straw dam burst – there was no doubt.

Little Beaver, little Beaver here comes a wave

Some water spilt, some water saved.

The last kit braced, stay strong it should

The best til last, cause this Dams Good!

Restoring wetlands using logs

Brought birds, and fish and toads and frogs!

Houses flooded less downstream,

All of this is a Beavers dream.