How to make a Journey Stick

Both Native Americans and Aboriginal people have used journey sticks as a visual map of the journeys they have been on. Collecting objects along the way, and tying them on in order, these sticks were then used to remember where they had been and helped them tell the story to their family and friends.

Why not take yourself on an adventure and map your journey using a journey stick.

You will need:

A good stick approximately 30 cm in length.

String, wool or elastic bands to fix objects to your stick.

You may like to use coloured wool to represent things along the way.

N.B It is important not to pick wildflowers or other living plants so only choose objects that have already fallen to the ground.

Whilst on your journey, starting at one end of the stick, collect objects that represent or remind you of particular points of your journey and tie them to your stick in order working across to the other end of the stick. 

Everyone’s journey is different. You will notice things other people do not. This may be feelings, wildlife discoveries, nature treasures or other milestones. Part of the fun of a journey stick is using it as a tool to remember your journey so you can tell other people about it on your return.