How to make your own Rudolph

Make a festive reindeer from natural materials

You will need:

  • Clay. I’ve used air dry modelling clay, but you could dig some up if you have clay soil in the garden or try plasticine or play dough
  • 4 little sticks of the same length for legs
  • 1 little stick for a neck
  • 2 little sticks with antler like branches
  • 1 rose hip for the nose.

How to make your Rudolph

  1. Take a chunk of clay and mould it into a sausage shape for the body. 
  2. Take another chunk of clay about half the size of the first, and mould it into a head shape. 
  3. Push your leg sticks into the underside of your clay body so you can stand it up, then attached your neck stick into your clay head at one end and the body at the other. 
  4. Push the rose hip into your head where the nose should be and push the antler sticks into the top of the head.