How to make a Kite

Let's go fly a kite.

You will need:

  • An A4 piece of paper
  • A bamboo skewer
  • String
  • A hole punch
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper for tail
  • Colouring pens or pencils for decorating.

How to make a Kite:

  1. First fold your A4 paper in half to create A6 size 
  2. The second fold creates a wing and is back on yourself in a diagonal from about half way across the shortest edge, to about 2cm from the fold on the other side. 
  3. To create the third fold, turn the paper over and create a fold that mirrors the previous one. You should now have a basic airplane shape. 
  4. Secure the wings together with some Sellotape and cut your stick to length so you can attach it on both sides at the widest point of the wings. 
  5. Turn your kite over. Now secure the undercarriage together at the widest point. Then attach a piece of Sellotape across the fold, about a third of the way down from the thinnest point. This is purely to re-enforce the paper on both sides, before you punch a hole through. The Sellotape will stop the paper ripping when you tie on your kite string through the hole. 
  6. Attach your Kite tail with Sellotape. Decorate your Kite and then you are ready to go and fly your kite.