Snail Racing

How to run a successful Snail Race and discover some juicy facts about slugs and snails along the way

What you will need:

  • At least two snails, or as many as you can find. You may find these hiding in dark damp places around the exterior of your house e.g. under plant pots/behind guttering/under you bin.
  • Snails are more active in damp weather and at night
  • A snail racing track – a defined circle with a shiny surface. This could be a re-purposed plastic bag with a circle drawn on it, a large plate, or even a damp tablecloth. The key is to spray a little water on your track for an easy slither, and keep the racetrack in the shade
  • Optional: coloured stickers to distinguish between your snails
  • Optional: A stopwatch if you would like to time the race

  • If it is a hot day, it may take some time for your snails to wake up. Encourage them out by putting them in a container with air holes, in the shade, a sprinkle of water for moisture, and a few tasty lettuce leaves thrown in for a pre-race snack.
  • You start the race by placing all the snails in the centre of the circle
  • The winner is the snail that reaches the edge of the circle quickest

Snails do not appreciate a life in captivity, so always return your snails to their hidey holes once your champions are crowned!

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