How to Tie Dye using Berries

Make beautiful tie dye patterns using berries or natural dyes

What you will need: 

  1. A bowl of berries or natural dyes (see how to make these in Egg decorating video
  2. White old cotton sheet or pillow case
  3. String 
  4. Scissors
  5. A stick or spoon 
  6. A small round object approximate size of marble or conker
  7. Pegs 

How to do it: 

  1. Mush up your berries in a bowl and add a splash of water
  2. Cut your sheet into squares or rectangles approximately A4 size or whatever size you want
  3. Place round object in centre of your material. Pinch and twist material around object and tie it tightly in place with a piece of string
  4. Moving down from the round object, repeat the tying process at intervals along the material, three or four times
  5. Dunk the tied material in the bowl of dye
  6. With blackberry juice it only takes a minute for the material to absorb the dye, but you need to wait longer with the natural dyes if you want a deeper colour
  7. Remove the material from the bowl, shake off excess liquid or wait for it to stop dripping before snipping away the string
  8. Hang to dry

N.B. Work outside and/or protect clothes, work surfaces and floor when working with natural dyes. 

Lots of wildlife love to eat berries, so why not leave any leftovers somewhere outside as a tasty snack for a bird or badger!