Wilder Landscapes

Sussex Wildlife Trust are the custodians of some wonderful nature reserves, but our nature reserves cover just a fraction of the area of Sussex. In the current climate and biodiversity crisis, we need more nature and more connected natural landscapes everywhere in Sussex. We also need to be restoring wild nature at scale.

Our Wilder Landscapes project works outside our nature reserves with communities and landowners across the County. We support the work which enables nature to lead its own recovery in the long term (rather than nature being managed by people). Our work includes the restoration of lost ecosystem engineers such as the beaver, supporting nature based solutions to climate change, advising on rewilding projects, and connecting landowners across large areas to create healthy and thriving nature recovery networks.

Our work is premised on the fact that humans are a species within an ecosystem, and that we depend on the myriad natural services that wild nature provides for us for our survival[1]. Where we cannot restore the natural processes that enable nature to recover, we find mimics and proxies which allow the natural dynamism, abundance and resilience of nature to be restored.

Now more than ever nature needs us to be open minded and creative about how we manage the interface between humans and wild nature. Wilder Landscapes aims to be a leader and an instigator, and to empower others to take positive action for nature.

Every year we provide advice thousands of acres of land, and we work on multiple projects with multiple organisations. The following are just a few of the nature restoration projects that we are / have been involved with :-

We are excited to be working with you for a more robust and adaptable future.

[1] Food, fuel, clean water, medicine, clean air, natural flood management, carbon storage, noise regulation, air pollution regulation, access to nature, pollination, local climate regulation, green education and much more.