On Land

The way in which large parts of the Sussex are managed for human use has a huge impact on wildlife, whether this is to produce food or to provide recreation and ecosystem services such as water regulation and carbon storage. While the pace of change and the main causes of it has varied from time to time, overwhelmingly the greatest cause of past and continuing wildlife loss is the disruption of the ecological function of landscapes by human activities.

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Land Management

Our nature reserves are rich and diverse places are managed by staff from the Sussex Wildlife Trust with the support of its many volunteers.

Wilder Landscapes

In the current climate and biodiversity crisis, we need more nature and more connected natural landscapes everywhere in Sussex. We also need to be restoring wild nature at scale.

Species Restoration

Reintroduction is the ‘action of putting a species (animal or plant) back into a former habitat’. This species may have been lost recently, or have been absent from the landscape for decades.