Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

Gatwick Greenspace Partnership is a community project that works to benefit people, wildlife and the countryside between Horsham, Crawley, Horley, Reigate and Dorking.

Whether you want to help the countryside as a conservation volunteer, come along to one of our fun wildlife events, find out how you can improve your land for wildlife, or just visit one of the fantastic sites we help to manage, there is something for everyone to get involved with.

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News from Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

    • Bridge of Scythes

      Bridge of Scythes

      Cutting with scythes creates a patch mosaic with some areas left rough and longer than others and, in this way the volunteers emulate the work of a herd of browsing animals moving through.

    • Nature Tots go wild in March

      Nature Tots go wild in March

      Spring is in the air and Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Tots parent and child outdoor adventure groups are back for children aged 3-5 in Brighton, Crawley, Eastbourne, Henfield, Horsham and Rye.

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