Landowner Advice

Sussex Wildlife Trust offers advice on land management for wildlife across Sussex. We have a small team of advisors who offer the following services:-

  • Professional advice on land management with nature in mind
  • Site visits to your land to discuss your needs
  • Whole farm wildlife surveys with recommendations in an individually tailored advice pack
  • Advice on integrating appropriate conservation management options into your own land management practices
  • Specialisms in woodland, wetland/river, meadow and coastal management
  • Advice on re-wilding, the creation of ecological networks, the restoration of natural processes, living landscapes, natural capital, regenerative agriculture and permaculture.
  • Working in partnership with a wide range of organisations so we can help you to access advice and funding from a range of other sources

We have worked with many landowners, including smallholders, traditional farms, estates, community enterprises, woodland owners, equine businesses, and a number of local authorities and corporations. You may also wish to download our free leaflet on How to manage a Smallholding for Wildlife.

If you are interested in further wildlife advice then please contact Wildcall. It helps us if you can send a map showing the outline of your land holding, and a brief summary of the advice you need and why. 

PLEASE NOTE : Our staff time is limited, so we may not respond to your enquiry immediately. Your request for advice may be placed in a waiting list until we are able to respond. 

The following information may also be useful :-

  • Information about planning law, wildlife and planning, and planning enquiries
  • Information about Local Wildlife Sites can be directed to
  • Natural flood management advice on the Ouse river catchment can be directed to
  • Information on Parish mapping can be found here