Wilder Ouse

Wilder Ouse is bringing together people across the Ouse catchment to restore natural processes and create a robust Nature Recovery Network, with restored ecological connectivity, ecosystem function and climate resilience through nature-based solutions.

The objectives of this project are to:

    • Put together a Nature Recovery Network for the Ouse river catchment to help invested groups make the right decisions regarding our biodiversity within the area
    • Help to deliver “on-the-ground” results for pledged landowners residing in the Ouse section of the Weald to Waves Corridor
    • Work to improve the condition of Local Wildlife Sites within the catchment in order to create better habitat for our native species
    • Create a catchment feasibility study on important species such as Beaver, and later on, Pine Marten, which will indicate areas of important habitat suitable for potential future reintroductions
    • Work with BugLife to help create positive results within their created B-lines, located inside the project boundary, by providing informed advice to landowners and encouraging invertebrate friendly practices
    • Address climate change and the need to increase the catchments’ resilience to a changing environment by working with partners to identify areas in need, by using data and modelling to inform the best way to help mitigate the effects of a harsher climate

    In this section

    What We Do

    Find out how Wilder Ouse works with landowners, farmers, communities, Parish Councils and other organisations for the benefit of wildlife.


    Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with the Wilder Ouse project

    Our Impact

    Wilder Ouse builds upon the successes of the preceding project Sussex Flow Initiative, delivering nature based solutions to restore nature at a catchment scale.


    The Wilder Ouse project is a result of great collaboration between farmers, landowner, communities and multiple organisations.

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