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  • The birds of Woods Mill

    The birds of Woods Mill

    Even allowing for rapidly soaring temperatures throughout the month, Woods Mill has been a hive of avian activity.

  • 50 Years of Woods Mill

    50 Years of Woods Mill

    Celebrating 50 Years of Woods Mill: Taking conservation into the next generation

  • Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owls can be tricky to spot. But at this time of year, the odds are slightly improved because tawny owl chicks – or owlets – are now emerging from their tree-hole nest.

  • Kestrel chicks have hatched

    Kestrel chicks have hatched

    Our Woods Mill kestrel chicks have hatched and things are going to get busy from now on! Follow the action on our live KestrelCam

  • Blackthorn


    Blackthorn is easily recognised at this time of year as ‘the one with all the white blossom’.

  • Swans at work

    Swans at work

    A pair of swans at Woods Mill nature reserve has decided to try to raise a family right next to the footpath. Visitors are asked to avoid this area of the reserve.