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  • Top 5 ways to help hedgehogs this autumn

    Top 5 ways to help hedgehogs this autumn

    With the nights beginning to draw in hedgehogs are now preparing for hibernation. Here are five ways you can help your local hedgehogs this autumn.

  • In my garden

    In my garden

    The first thing Katie Parker likes to do in the garden at this time of year is to take a walk around and look to see what is growing, and what survived the winter.

  • Late winter in the wildlife garden

    Late winter in the wildlife garden

    As we approach the end of winter, we thought we’d speak to our friends at Vine House Farm Bird Foods to get some tips on what can be done at this time of year in a wildlife-friendly garden, and what to look out for.

  • Your frogspawn questions answered

    Your frogspawn questions answered

    Every year WildCall gets lots phone calls from people worried about the frog spawn and tadpoles in their ponds. Here are the answers to the most frequent asked frog spawn questions.

  • Remember, remember...

    Remember, remember...

    As bonfire season approaches, please remember to check for wildlife.

  • A loveliness of ladybirds

    A loveliness of ladybirds

    Have you spotted lots of ladybirds recently? Ladybirds tend to gather together at this time of year, looking for cracks and crevices to hibernate.