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  • A Beaver's tale

    A Beaver's tale

    The design of a beaver’s tail is quite unlike that of any other mammal you might see. It is thought to have a multitude of uses, such as helping them to guide their route as they navigate through the water.

  • Celebrating wetlands - where land meets water

    Celebrating wetlands - where land meets water

    We may be a ‘wet’ nation, but wetlands – wildlife-rich, carbon-capturing oases – are in shorter supply than you might think. Wetlands have largely been removed from our landscape, and this loss is a problem not just for nature, but for people too.

  • A sad farewell to Bramber the beaver

    A sad farewell to Bramber the beaver

    It is with great sadness and disappointment that Knepp Estate announces the death of Bramber the beaver on 13 Jan 2021, shortly after recapturing him from his travels down the River Adur.

  • Return of the Natives

    Return of the Natives

    ​In an earlier blog I recounted the tale of species which have been new arrivals on the Nature Reserve in the last 50 years.

  • New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

    ​Since 1970 when Rye Harbour Nature Local Nature Reserve was first declared by the County Council there have been many changes in the breeding bird fauna of the reserve.

  • Black Poplars

    Black Poplars

    Back in 2003 we collected some saplings of Sussex Black Poplar from Wakehurst Place and with our team of volunteers planted them out at Castle Water.

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