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  • Rockpooling


    Charlotte Owen talks us through the joys of rockpooling

  • Help Our Kelp update

    Help Our Kelp update

    Please write to your local Sussex MP to ask for The Sussex Near Shore Trawling Byelaw to be implemented to Help Our Kelp

  • Six tonnes of fishing gear collected and recycled

    Six tonnes of fishing gear collected and recycled

    Wild Coast Sussex Project Manager ​Nikki Hills is delighted to announce that an amazing six tonnes of end of life fishing gear has been collected by commercial fishing community in Eastbourne, Worthing and Littlehampton and will be recycled.

  • Marine Litter

    Marine Litter

    As Coronavirus lockdown measures continue to ease, there has been a noticeable spike in the amount of rubbish being left on beaches as more people are able to spend more time at the coast. Find out what you can do to help.

  • Species of the day: Common Shore Crab

    Species of the day: Common Shore Crab

    Today is International ‘World Oceans Day’ - in celebration of our magnificent marine environments, today’s blog features a familiar denizen of British shores, the Common Shore Crab

  • Nudibranchs AKA Seaslugs

    Nudibranchs AKA Seaslugs

    Ella Garrud spends lockdown thinking about what she might be seeing in rockpools, such as nudibranchs or seaslugs, which are not closely related to garden slugs.

  • Sussex Seahorses

    Sussex Seahorses

    We have had a few reports recently of sightings of one our most elusive marine creatures – the small yet charismatic seahorse.

  • Goose Barnacle, Barnacle Goose

    Goose Barnacle, Barnacle Goose

    Goose Barnacles, can be found in their thousands still clinging to their driftwood raft on the strandline, They once puzzled people for hundreds of years.

  • Slipper Limpet

    Slipper Limpet

    Along our Sussex beaches there are millions of shells of the Common Slipper Limpet - so named because the empty shells resemble tiny slippers up to 50mm long.