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  • Beach Cleans

    Beach Cleans

    Over the winter we put on a series of beach clean events across Sussex to help play our part in tackling the problem of plastics in our oceans.

  • Mermaid's purses

    Mermaid's purses

    Often known as mermaid’s purses, the egg cases of sharks, skates and rays can be found along the strandline.

  • Shoresearch


    Shoresearch is a Wildlife Trust initiative to survey intertidal habitats and species, we also welcome new volunteers who want to get involved

  • A New Marine SPA in Sussex

    A New Marine SPA in Sussex

    ​There has been a marine extension to the Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay Special Protection Area

  • A Plastic Legacy

    A Plastic Legacy

    Plastic is hugely versatile and durable, which makes it great for all manner of applications. These qualities of plastic however, make it a huge problem for the environment.

  • Hermit Crabs

    Hermit Crabs

    Hermit crabs are known to be ‘choosy’ about their shelter, carefully inspecting a potential home to ensure it’s just right before they move in.

  • The Way Back to Living Seas

    The Way Back to Living Seas

    The Wildlife Trusts publish a new report that sets a vision for our marine environment post Brexit