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  • Ghost Fishing Gear

    Ghost Fishing Gear

    Watch Ghost Fishing UK retrieve an old trawl net from a wreck off Brighton

  • Rewilding the Sussex Seas

    Rewilding the Sussex Seas

    Thanks to the players of People’s Postcode Lottery the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project has been established to ensure the successful restoration of a crucial marine ecosystem along the Sussex Coast from Chichester to Rye.

  • Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

    Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

    Dr Raymond Ward is a principal lecturer in coastal environments at the University of Brighton and an avid diver. In a guest blog, Ray tells us of some encouraging signs that kelp is already starting to bounce back in our waters.

  • Marine creatures with feet

    Marine creatures with feet

    Feet aren’t really a body part you’d associate with creatures living in an aquatic environment; most animals swim effortlessly, drift in the current, or crawl across the sea bed. However, one group of marine animals do indeed have feet, just not in the same sense that us land-lubbers have them.

  • Help Our Kelp Q&A

    Help Our Kelp Q&A

    Dr Ian Hendy (University of Portsmouth) and Sarah Ward (Sussex Wildlife Trust) answer your questions about the exciting kelp forest restoration project

  • Black Bream Nests

    Black Bream Nests

    When we think of nests, our thoughts immediately go to birds, building intricate shelters in which to lay their eggs and rear their newborns. However, a number of fishes also create nests