Wilder Horsham District

Wilder Horsham District is an innovative five-year partnership between Sussex Wildlife Trust and Horsham District Council working to deliver a Nature Recovery Network for Horsham District.

Working closely with local communities and landowners, we aim to reverse the decline in species and habitats and enrich the natural environment for all residents and visitors. This will also contribute to the wider vision for a ‘Wilder Future’, the Wildlife Trusts’ national campaign for a UK-wide Nature Recovery Network.

Since the beginning of the project in October 2020, we have been overwhelmed by the incredible levels of support and interest from the local community. In less than a year, Wilder Horsham District has already accomplished much to be celebrated. To find out what we have achieved in the first year, have a read of our End of Year Report 2020 2021.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Help wildlife thrive across the Horsham District
  2. Create networks of land that are protected and enhanced for wildlife, to allow habitats to expand and for species populations to increase which will ensure that they are resilient to change
  3. Increase awareness of actions that communities can take to improve their local natural environment and the benefits that wildlife provides 
  4. Maximise the opportunities that protecting and enhancing wildlife brings for climate change mitigation and adaptation

We set out how a Nature Recovery Network could potentially be developed for Horsham District in our Horsham District Nature Recovery Network document, taking advantage of the existing areas with biodiversity value or high biodiversity potential, and considering how they could be improved and linked together.  

As the first partnership of its kind in the South East Region, we wish to demonstrate how a Nature Recovery Network can be delivered successfully. By working together, we can achieve the vision for a network that benefits both people and wildlife.


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