What are we doing?

The geology of parts of Sussex is suitable for conventional oil and gas extraction. There are several sites where planning permission is sought for exploratory drilling and this may lead to unconventional methods of extraction once core samples are tested. At this point, further planning permission will be needed if fracking is considered to be the best option for extraction.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust works across East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove, as well as on national issues and we have to be mindful of our limited resources when deciding on the best way to tackle threats to wildlife. Therefore we may not be able to respond to every individual planning application related to fracking.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust will judge each planning application for energy generation on its own merits and would expect there to be a net gain in biodiversity in line with current legislation. The Trust will also consider the cumulative effect of multiple extraction sites, bearing in mind the possibility that there could be a large exploitable shale gas reserve in Sussex.

To date we have officially commented on the following planning applications and consultations:

Wisborough Green – Adjacent to a Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, Northup Copse



If you are concerned about the development of a site and would like to engage in the planning process please visit our planning pages for further advice.

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