What's happening nationally?

We are working closely with our National Office and other NGO’s to ensure that our concerns about fracking are heard and considered.

Major decisions are currently being made that will determine whether commercial extraction of shale gas will take place in the UK, how and on what scale. These decisions could have significant impacts on our countryside, wildlife and the climate. In 2014 a group of leading conservation charities, including The Wildlife Trusts, came together to reach a shared understanding of the risks posed by shale gas development in the UK.

As a group, the partnership has come up with ten recommendations that are needed to minimise the potential impacts of shale gas development on the environment. The recommendations are based on a full technical evidence report which has been peer reviewed by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, one of the UK’s leading ecological research institutes.

In the first few months of 2014 the Government consulted on their Environmental Report for further onshore oil and gas licensing. The Report is meant to identify, describe and evaluate the likely significant effects on the environment of the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s proposals to invite applications for and issue new licences. It also evaluates reasonable alternatives to the plan and how any significant effects can be reduced or offset.

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