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We all need nature - it’s time to give it the space it needs to be part of all our lives

Most people agree that wildlife and wild places are valuable for their own sake.  We also know from research across the globe that a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world is essential for our wellbeing and prosperity.

We depend on nature for everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe, and we enjoy spending time in beautiful wild places. What does nature do for us? 

But nature is in serious decline.  Despite terrific conservation efforts, we’re still losing wildlife at an alarming rate.  The common is becoming scarce, the scarce rare, and the rare is disappearing altogether. The State of Nature report 

We are now in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency.  Find out more 

It’s time to reverse the trend of missing wildlife and set out a plan for nature's recovery to create a wilder future and a Wilder Sussex, for all of us. 

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Wilder Sussex we want bee
Wilder Sussex we want sparrow
Wilder Sussex we want water
Wilder Sussex we want child

Together, we can create a Wilder Sussex - a plan for nature's recovery

Find out more about our vision for a Wilder Sussex below.

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