Wilder neighbourhoods, towns and cities

Nature is vital for our health but for most of us, our daily surroundings are artificial. 

We want to bring wildlife into every neighbourhood, whether it's letting wild flowers bloom along our roadside verges, planting more street trees, installing swift bricks in our homes or including green walls and roofs in new developments.

The benefits of ‘greening’ our towns and cities are far-reaching and even small actions, like cutting the grass less often, can help turn towns into wildlife destinations.

Wild urban patches are crucial – offering essential habitat and stepping stones within the nature network.  Parks, allotments, school grounds and community spaces can all offer something for nature and, in doing so, can bring people together – creating healthier and more socially connected communities.

We want to develop collaborative approaches to create wilder neighbourhoods – not as a luxury but as an essential part of our health and wellbeing.

Community projects

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We believe that connecting with nature should be a really important part of everybody's life, whatever their age. A healthy environment relies on people who care. People who spend time in natural spaces as children grow into adults who care more about environmental issues and seek out natural spaces.

That's why we are working in local communities all across Sussex to help engage with and re-connect people with nature through our nature-based community projects. Get involved

Nature Street


Maybe you want to help wildlife in your garden but don’t feel confident about what to do first? Or perhaps you don’t think that your small terraced garden can make a difference. Nature Street is a way to gain support from your neighbours and make the most of whatever outdoor space you have. Don’t think about your garden in isolation, think of what your whole street, cul-de-sac or block of flats can do together to help create a Wilder Sussex.  Let's get started!