Drones on nature reserves

For the safety and enjoyment of other visitors, and to protect wildlife from disturbance, please do not fly unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) or other remote-control flying devices in our nature reserves without permission.

The use of drones is overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority and is an area where regulation is currently developing. Drones require permission and licensing to operate, and operators must have sufficient training and insurance to use them safely and responsibly.

Our reserves are important areas for wildlife and many of them are used for breeding. These sites are sensitive to disturbance; for instance, birds may feel threatened by drones and abandon their nests.

We do occasionally obtain drone footage of our reserves to assist our conservation and engagement work, but this is only done with our permission if we are confident the operator is licensed and insured and that wildlife and people will not be injured or disturbed.

For more information, please contact the Land Management Team via this contact form.

Reserves Ecologist, Glenn Norris, explains how drones can be an important conservation and engagement tool, but can also have negative effects on our wildlife.