Support for young climate strikers

16 September 2019 | Posted in Climate , Jess Price
Support for young climate strikers

Support for young climate strikers

Jess Price, Conservation Officer

Millions of children and students around the world have been striking on Fridays to demand that world leaders take serious action to address our environmental crisis. They are now calling on people of all ages to join them in a Global Climate Strike this Friday 20 September, reminding us all that our house is on fire, and we must act like it.

Our natural world is in a critical condition. Britain is now ranked as one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, yet we continue to lose our most precious remnants of wild natural space and vast numbers of our insects and birds. The Government declared a Climate Emergency in May 2019 but our existing laws are still too weak and the ecological crisis we face is not being taken seriously enough. These are not isolated issues and their solutions mustn’t be either: we need to restore our reedbeds, kelp forests, meadows and woodlands so that they can lock away carbon and reduce the impacts of climate change, while giving wildlife the space it needs to recover and thrive.

For these reasons, we fully support the youth movement and people across Sussex who feel compelled to demonstrate their concerns.  The Wildlife Trusts across the UK stand united with all those who share our belief that nature is valuable in its own right as well as being essential to our existence.

Since the Sussex Wildlife Trust is working every day to help tackle this climate and ecological emergency, our staff will not be actively striking. On 20 September and every day that it is required we will continue:

It’s time to accelerate action on the climate crisis, including through restoring our natural world, and we will continue to play our part in this powerful movement for change. Please join us - you’ll find a range of positive and practical ways you can contribute to our planet’s future here.

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