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  • Be tick aware

    Be tick aware

    Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.

  • Dip into the world of dabbling ducks

    Dip into the world of dabbling ducks

    Ducks can be split into two broad groups: dabblers and divers. As the name suggests, diving ducks feed mainly by diving underwater, using their strong feet (and sometimes their wings) to swim. Dabbling ducks, however, feed predominantly at the surface, sometimes even grazing on land. Many dabblers can often be seen upending, with their heads underwater and their bums in the air.

  • The value of casual recording

    The value of casual recording

    The Trust’s Senior Ecologist blogs about the value of stumbling across quite a lot of good species whilst doing other things.

  • A bunch of suckers

    A bunch of suckers

    Graeme Lyons is been delving into the world of leeches at Waltham Brooks nature reserve.

  • Waltham Brooks video blog

    Author Neil FletcherInterpretation OfficerNeil Fletcher goes to Waltham Brooks in the hope of catching up with a great grey shrike.