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  • A Precarious Lifestyle

    A Precarious Lifestyle

    Babington’s Orache is a low growing plant that has a precarious lifestyle, growing in the mobile shingle below the line of the winter storms

  • The Showman at Camber Castle

    The Showman at Camber Castle

    This was one of the events to raise awareness and funds for the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre Appeal - it raised just over £2,000.

  • Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

    Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

    Over the last five years we have been managing some of our grassland for bumblebees, and every year between May and August we have also been counting the bees to monitor the effects.

  • A Bike* of Bees

    A Bike* of Bees

    At Rye Harbour, there are two quite similar species of ‘autumn colletes’ active at the moment, ivy bee (Colletes hederae) and sea-aster bee (Colletes halophilus), also known as saltmarsh bee

  • Old Photos

    Old Photos

    Old photographs of the Sussex countryside can sometimes tell a good story. This one from 1947…

  • Natural Velcro

    Natural Velcro

    Lesser Burdock is a tall plant of the daisy family that has flowers with hooks or burrs.