What to look out for in October

We are ticking closer to the clocks turning back, so make the most of the time left to spot wildlife in daylight hours. Listen out for robins singing their melancholy autumnal song and watch ladybirds congregating together in sheds and on window panes. Time for foraging is running out and wildlife will have to make the most of the autumn harvest to fatten up before winter comes. I have already seen squirrels and jays hoarding their winter stash, whilst people are reporting hedgehogs and slow worms starting to look for hibernation sites.

Many of us are still staying home as much as possible, so don’t forget there are loads of ways to stay connected to nature from your own home

What to spot this month includes

  • Fly agaric
  • Sloes
  • Conkers 
  • Flocks of greenfinch
  • Rutting fallow deer
  • Devil's-bit scabious
  • Redwing
  • Fieldfare
  • Old man’s beard
  • Yew berries
  • Bramblings 

Tell us what you've seen

There are many more species to be spotted this month so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to fill in our species recording form, so we can submit your sightings to the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.

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