Wetland habitats

Sussex is home to a diverse range of wetland habitats, each with their own unique character and landscape. From the sandy wet heaths of West Sussex, to the saltmarsh Havens of our coastal lowlands. Find about more about Sussex wetland habitats below.

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Chalk Streams

Chalk Streams are internationally and locally rare. Sussex chalk streams are unique spring fed habitats which are fantastic for wildlife.

Saltmarsh and Estuarine Habitats

Saltmarsh is a rare habitat in Sussex, only found at a few sites such as Rye, Chichester and Pagham Harbours. It is one of the many unique transitional habitats found in between land and sea.

Wet heath

Wet heaths in Sussex are home to nationally rare species, including nightjar, sundrew and cotton grass

Wet woodland

Wet woodland in Sussex, including floodplain woodland and ghyll woodland.


Sussex Fen - a rare, flower-rich wetland habitat


Reedbeds are important for a range of rare and protected species like bittern and harvest mouse, and they provide unique ecosystem services such as water purification.

Floodplain meadow and washland

Wet meadows, washlands and grazing marshes are just a few of our important grassland based wetlands.

Ponds and Standing Water

Ponds are an important freshwater habitat in Sussex and provide unique stepping stone habitats for a multitude of wildlife.