Wilder Landscapes

Our Wilder Landscapes Project works with people across Sussex to protect and restore our natural environment and its natural capital. Click here to read our latest Annual Report about what we've been doing this year. 2019 2020 End of Year Report Wilder Landscapes

We provide advice on land, water and marine issues across our Sussex landscapes, and you can visit our Wilder Sussex pages to see what we're doing to help create wilder natural spaces. Last year we supported people on over 20,000 acres of land to enhance their land for wildlife. 

The infographics below summarise some of what we achieve, and you can follow our blogs here

We work to deliver six guiding principles of a Wilder Landscape to Sussex:

  1. Enabling Core Wildlife Areas to Thrive
  2. Thinking and Delivering at the Landscape Scale
  3. Making Green Infrastructure a reality
  4. Influencing Current and Future Agendas for our Landscapes
  5. Inspiring People
  6. Gathering Evidence to Inform Intelligent and Targeted Habitat Restoration

Free advice sheets are available to download on subjects such as restoring species-rich floodplain meadows, how you can help create ecological networks, and how you can help provide ecosystem services.