Planning to fail wildlife?

The Government is proposing a major overhaul of the planning system and this poses a huge threat to Sussex wildlife. 

Development pressure in Sussex is already high and these proposals will see an even bigger drive for new housing, without taking into account our environmental limits. 

It’s vital that nature is at the heart of the planning system but the current proposals will fail wildlife, and people too. 

Two major Government consultations are currently underway:

  1. Changes to the current planning system (now closed)
  2. Planning White Paper

We will be responding to both but also need to encourage as many individual responses as possible. Follow the links below to find out more about what's being proposed, why this matters and how to get involved - please take action today.

Sussex Wildlife Trust is not anti-development or against new housing - we know the planning system is not perfect and we do want to see reform but the current proposals will make a bad situation much worse. 

We believe that new homes should be inspiring and beautiful places to live, where people and nature thrive together. We are campaigning for an evidence-based planning system that empowers local communities and protects and enhances the rich biodiversity of Sussex.

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