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  • Severing their own green finger

    Severing their own green finger

    Whitehawk Hill is one of Brighton & Hove’s most valuable wild spaces and a designated Local Nature Reserve - so why has it been earmarked for development?

  • ​Wildlife to be destroyed by blinkered decision making

    ​Wildlife to be destroyed by blinkered decision making

    Short sightedness and an obsessive belief that we must build our way out of congestion is going to mean irreparable damage to some of our most valuable wildlife.Highways England’s announcement today (11 May 2018) to plough ahead with option 5A of the Arundel Bypass will result in the
  • Loopholes for profiting developers

    Loopholes for profiting developers

    Dr Tony Whitbread shares his concerns that the review of the National Planning Policy Framework will significantly weaken the protection of Local Wildlife Sites, leaving ‘loopholes for profiteering developers’

  • A New Way to Build

    A New Way to Build

    ​The Wildlife Trusts are calling on developers, local authorities and Government to embrace a new, more holistic way of building: one that avoids damage to protected sites, and works with the natural surroundings to create gains for nature, and better health and well-being for residents.

  • What does sustainable development really mean?

    Author Ian HepburnHead of Conservation new building / Miles DaviesThe planning system is supposed to ensure a measured approach to development and a transparent and equitable process to the control of development. There are some good intentions in
  • Your chance to influence what happens in Sussex

    Make your voice heardAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerThe planning system in England exists to ensure that development is in the public interest with positive outcomes for people, the environment and the economy. It follows a plan-led system which