Sussex Seasearch: 2018

A total of 21 Seasearch forms were received for the Sussex Sesearch region, mostly covering shallow depths of around 10m. The deepest area surveyed was 17.4m on the Sovereign Shoals in East Sussex. 

Diving days were arranged out of Selsey, in both April and May (the latter being for training dives for new Observer trainees), and out of Eastbourne to survey in the Beachy Head East proposed Marine Conservation Zone.

Approximately 169 taxa were identified from a total of 538 records. The most commonly recorded species was the common starfish, Asterias rubens (22 records), followed by the painted top shell, Calliostoma zizyphinum (16 records), and dead man’s fingers, Alcyonium digitatum (15 records).

A summary report of Sussex Seasearch in 2018 can be found here.

Diving in Beachy Head East pMCZ