Nature Tots Testimonials

What do you think of Nature Tots?

‘ I could not recommend Nature tots highly enough it is just superb. I am a mum of 4 and have done Nature Tots for a few years now and Tamara has always kept my son’s  interested and kept him engaged in all the activities that are topical for that day. Nature tots, even after doing it for a couple of years is different every session. The activities you do are so inventive and such fun it’s not just my son who enjoys it, I love it!’

© Miles Davies

‘Taking part in Nature Tots has given us all the confidence to participate in 'riskier' activities. We are an outdoorsy family anyway but now we are all much more confident and I'm more relaxed with regards trusting the children to make the right choices themselves. The children love the independence and are always really proud of what they make and achieve. It's clear that my son especially responds well to this learning environment. He can struggle with nursery/social settings because of his learning difficulties but Nature Tots has been inclusive and supportive. A huge thank you to everyone who makes it so brilliant and so much fun!’

© Sam Roberts

‘It’s a fantastic learning experience for kids, my daughter loves making the fire, learning about nature and the forest, being outside and observing the changing seasons – and especially the hot chocolate!!!’

‘Sam’s been really enjoying Nature Tots. He looks forward to Thursday all week. There’s a really nice balance of activities. 

© Miles Davies

I’ve been really impressed at how quickly the children have picked up the rules that keep them safe and able to have fun at the same time. Sam tells everyone who will listen what kind of sticks you need for a fire, how to walk around the fire circle and how to make the dragon sneeze!

It’s so lovely to see their satisfaction when they make a spark to light the fire or make something with the tools.

It’s also been a lovely activity for us to do together and I’m sure we’ll both miss it when he starts school.’

© Miles Davies

'I attended Bruno’s Nature Tots session with my son this morning & it was amazing. So much more than I had imagined, we both had a wonderful time. Thank you Bruno & your team! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'

‘I wanted to send an email to say a sincere thank you. Amber and I are absolutely loving Nature Tots with you.  We are both learning so much!  The opportunity for Amber to use a saw, a drill, proper binoculars and a telescope is wonderful.  She had no trouble at all tackling the drill with her Dad, to build our compost bin at the allotment ;-) Thank you also for remembering, and being so thoughtful as to find a vegetarian alternative to marshmallows for Amber.  You really are awesome!  Can’t wait for the next session’.

Rye Tots
© Emma Chaplin