Wildlife films

Nature video of wildlife found at Woods Mill nature reserve.

This is part of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s celebration of 50 years at Woods Mill. Thanks to generous support from ScottishPower Foundation.

Woods Mill at 50


Kestrel Cam Highlights (02/05/18)

A pair of Bank Voles filmed recently in Hoe Wood. Their breeding season starts in the spring and reaches its peak during June. The nest burrows are normally located in soft soil, between tree roots and may have several entrances. The female gives birth to between three and six blind, naked young in a nest lined with grass, moss and feathers. The young take only two to three weeks to wean and amazingly will be able to breed in only a few months! The female may even produce as many as five litters.

Kestrel Cam highlights (06/06/18)

Kestrel Cam highlights (28/06/18)

A compilations of the six kestrels leaving the nest box