Kestrel Cam Live

The Kestrel Cam has ended as all six chicks successfully fledged. Here are some recorded highlights.

We have had kestrels nesting in the kestrel box at Woods Mill for many years. Our nest box has helped our local kestrels consistently produce 3 or 4 chicks each year. We've always wanted to put a camera in the box to see what's actually going on in there and - thanks to the funding from ScottishPower Foundation - we can now proudly present Kestrel Cam 2018 as part of our Woods Mill 50th Anniversary celebrations. The nest box camera (and a lot of help with installation) was supplied by the great team at HandyKam. Our main priority is to help the kestrels successfully produce a family each year - but this small, unobstructive camera gives us the privilege of watching these amazing birds produce and raise their family.

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This is part of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s celebration of 50 years at Woods Mill. Thanks to generous support from ScottishPower Foundation.