Local Plans

All local planning authorities must prepare a Local Plan which sets out the strategy and policies to enable the sustainable development of the area. By law, Local Plans must be positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy in accordance with section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Local Plans must be prepared in consultation with the community and there are set times in the process where local people can put their ideas across to their council. The plan-making process is a long one, often running over several years. It is important that we put forward comments at every stage possible to make sure wildlife has a voice.

We get involved with as many consultations on Local Plans as our capacity allows, here is a small selection of responses we have made over the past few years.

Local Plan Consultations

So far in 2021, the Sussex Wildlife Trust has submitted the following formal comments to local plan processes:

SWT response Lewes Issues and Options consultation Aug21

SWT response Wealden Local Plan Direction of Travel Consultation Jan2020

SWT comments to New Hastings Local Plan Consultation March2021

SWT Reg 19 response Submission Version Worthing Local Plan

SWT second response to Crawley Regulation19

Brighton and Hove City Council consulted on Part 2 of their City Plan in October 2020. Click here for more details and to see how the Sussex Wildlife Trust responded.

In March 2020, Horsham District Council consulted on a review of their Local Plan. Click here to see some of the questions we have received from members of the public about the Horsham Local Plan and our responses. 

All these responses follow on from continuous work to influence local authorities and their strategic planning processes for the benefit of nature. 

For more details on your Local Plan please visit the website of the District or Borough that applies to you.

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