Development Control

In Sussex we continue to see unsustainable and damaging development. We are faced with huge house building schemes, proposed new towns, road developments, potential airport expansion and onshore drilling for gas and oil. To combat this we respond to planning applications where we can, putting the case forward for wildlife.

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Developers can take as long as they like to put together their application. But once it’s submitted, we have just 21 days to respond. For every proposed development we have to assess the application, put together the evidence and put forward our argument all within less than a month.

With such tight deadlines, we can only deal with a limited number of cases at any one time. We have to prioritise and put our efforts where they will have the most benefit for wildlife and people in Sussex. Our policy on Housing and Industrial Development explains how we decide which planning application to get involved in.

We cannot respond to every planning application we hear about, but this is where you come in...

Find out how you can comment on planning applications and make sure that wildlife is given a voice.