Involving your Local MP

Your MP is your representative in the House of Commons. Contacting them by letter, email or visiting one of their surgeries can help you get their support. MP's can help provide pressure for action, influence decisions and gain publicity for a cause.

You are most likely to get support from your MP if the site is of major importance and you have already raised the issue with your local authority.

All MP's can be reached in writing at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or you can find their email address here.

Make sure your letter or email is effective:

  • Keep it short; long letters are unlikely to be read in detail.
  • Use your own language as this will help you to express your concerns clearly.
  • Be polite and constructive in your letter and you are more likely to get a positive, helpful response.
  • To build upon your correspondence with your MP and to show you appreciate their response, take the time to send an acknowledgement email or letter thanking them for their time.
  • Use local examples and policies where relevant to demonstrate your concerns.
  • What can your MP do for you?

    Once your local MP is willing to support your concerns they can:

  • Write to government ministers to raise your concerns.
  • Sign Early Day motions
  • Raise issues during debates
  • Table parliamentary questions
  • Write a column in your local paper