Involving your Local Councillor

Write to your local councillor asking for support or attend one of their monthly surgeries to speak to them face to face. Make sure you present as much clear information as possible to back up your concerns.

What can your local councillor do for you?

It is the role of councillors to build links between councils and the community and to represent the community’s interest in council decision.

The Localism Act 2011 changed the law to allow councillors to express a view and meet with local people about an application without giving up their right to vote on planning committees. This means your councillor can become much more involved in planning issues then was allowed previously.

  • Find out from your councillor about the committees that may be relevant to your concerns.
  • Ask them what's going to be discussed at the committee and find out if you can attend and view the discussions from the public gallery.
  • Offer to show your local councillor around the proposed development site and local area so they can fully appreciate the issues.
  • Talk to the case officer for the planning application. They will be writing the report put before the elected members at the planning committee.

The Localism Act does not negate the necessity for councillors to register an interest if the outcome of a decision could effect their own, their family or friend's or their organisation’s wellbeing or financial position.