Sustainable Transport

Sussex Wildlife Trust believes there is a need to move towards truly sustainable and accessible public transport systems in Sussex. We believe that transport policies should be founded on the principles of smarter travel: reducing the need to travel, increasing travel choices, and maximising efficiency through new technology.

Our transport policy supports measures which:

  • Reduce the need to travel through:
    • well-designed towns, cities and neighbourhoods with local, accessible services
    • actions to enable home-working and reduce workplace travel e.g. sustainable and efficient internet connectivity right across Sussex
  • Improve public transport and active travel routes for walking and cycling, which should be integrated with strategic green infrastructure wherever possible
  • Promote less carbon-intensive forms of transport and reduce dependency on private vehicle use
  • Promote management of existing transport infrastructure to improve the impacts on nature, including:
    • reconnecting habitats severed by linear transport corridors
    • sympathetic habitat management alongside roads, railways and canals and within the area under the control of transport hubs
  • Seek to minimise the damage of new transport schemes by ensuring the true benefits and costs to natural capital are considered

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News from Sustainable Transport

    • £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

      £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

      Today, Highways England announced its preferred option for the much-debated Arundel A27 consultation. This road leads nowhere that we want to go.

      Despite significantly cheaper and less damaging options being presented, the ‘grey route’ will cause irreparable damage to our wildlife and the Arun valley floodplain.

    • A27 Arundel - another opportunity to comment?

      A27 Arundel - another opportunity to comment?

      Did you know that Highways England have been running a 4 week consultation on the errors and mistakes in the 2019 consultation they ran on the options for improving the Arundel A27​? The deadline is this Sunday 1 March, but Highways England say you can only respond if you responded to the previous consultation AND the errors they are reporting would have changed your original response.

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