For Nature's Sake webinars

Sussex Wildlife Trust presents a series of online talks looking at some of the pressing issues that COP26 will be addressing.

What do we need COP26 to be?

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 1

In our first COP 26 webinar we will be joined by students from school climate initiatives in Brighton & Hove (Whole School, Whole City) and Lewes (Green United) who will set out their hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming Climate Conference and tell us about what they have been doing in their schools.

We will also be joined by Martin Meadows, a former civil servant with 25 years’ experience of working on climate change science and policy.

Kathryn Brown will be talking about how the Wildlife Trusts are responding to climate change challenges. Katheryn recently coordinated UK Climate Risk Assessment for the Climate Change Committee and has been seconded to the Wildlife Trusts as Climate Lead.

Carbon and Nature

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 2

In our second COP 26 webinar we will be focusing on carbon and nature. What are the challenges? Is tree planting the answer? What role do different landscapes including marine and coastal play?

Speakers include Matthew Bird, Dr Tony Whitbread, Julie Middleton and Dr Raymond Ward

How do we live in a changing climate? Adaption and Resilience

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 3

In our third COP 26 webinar we will be discussing a pressing issue. What is our future in the face of a changing climate?

Speakers include Matthew Bird, Nick Grey and Henri Brocklebank