Sussex Seasearch: 2017

Seasearch locations in 2017

A total of 21 forms were received for the Sussex Sesearch region, covering depths between 2.5 and 16 metres. Two diving days were organised: one in Beachy Head East recommended Marine Conservation Zone (rMCZ) and one in Utopia Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) - unfortunately the dive in Utopia MCZ needed to be relocated to Waldrons Reef due to poor sea conditions.

Approximately 220 taxa were identified from a total of 734 records. The most commonly recorded species was the painted top shell, Caliostoma zizyphinium (19 records), followed by hornwrack, Flustra foliacea (18
records), and dead man’s fingers,
Alcyonium digitatum (16 records).

A full report on the targeted dives in Beachy Head East rMCZ can be found here.

A summary report of Sussex Seasearch in 2017 can be found here.

Bexhill Mussel Garden:

An underwater video of one of our dives in the Beachy Head East recommended Marine Conservation Zone, August 2017

Gallery: Best of 2017