Kelp Summit

The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project invites you to join us for the first ever Kelp Summit thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. 

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 from 10am until 4pm the event will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube, and you can join us to find out why kelp is so important and how we are working to save the Sussex Kelp forests and put people at the heart of this ambitious and hope-filled ecosystem restoration project.

Where to watch the Kelp Summit 2021 livestream on 17 November from 10am

Watch Kelp Summit on YouTube

Watch Kelp Summit on Facebook

Speakers include Joan Edwards OBE (The Wildlife Trusts’ Director of Marine Conservation), Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald (Director, Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University), Prof. Juliet Brodie (Research Leader and Merit Researcher in Phycology at the Natural History Museum) and the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project partners.


10:05 Joan Edwards OBE, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, The Wildlife Trusts –Opening Address

10:10 Dr Shaun Fitzgerald – Director, Centre for Climate Repair Cambridge – Setting the context from a Climate Futures Perspective Part 1: Kelp – Background and UK in Global Context

10:15 Introduction to Session by Sally

10:20 Prof Juliet Brodie, Merit Researcher Phycology NHM – Seaweed Diversity and the Importance of Aquatic Forests.

10:30 Dr Cayne Layton, Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Lecturer Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania From Little Things, Big Things Grow: Kelp Restoration, Tasmania, Australia (and beyond)

10:45 Prof. Pippa Moore, Professor of Marine Science, Newcastle University & Dr Dan Smale, MBA Research Fellow – Uncovering Hidden Forests: structure, diversity & productivity of UK kelp habitats

11:05 Q and A – Led by Sally Ashby

11:15 – 11:30 Break – tea and coffee Part 2: Sussex Kelp – Beyond the Byelaw – Part 1

11:30 Sally Ashby starts session introducing Sarah Cunliffe, MD Big Wave Productions –film screening: The Man Who Loves Kelp

11:40 Sally Ashby - The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project – Restoration & Collaboration

11:50 Sarah Cunliffe, MD, Big Wave Productions – Kelp Science Film

12:10 Tim Dapling, Chief Fisheries Officer SxIFCA - Future Opportunities and Outcomes For Sustainable Inshore Commercial and Recreational Fisheries” Dr. Jen Lewis, Senior Research Officer SxIFCA Surveys & Monitoring

12:30 Dr. Raymond Ward, Reader in Marine Science, University of Brighton – Blue Carbon

12:40 Dr. Chris Yesson, Research Fellow, ZSL – Assessing the Genetic Profiles of Sussex Kelp

12:50 Morven Robertson, Senior UK Projects Manager, Blue Marine Foundation – Supporting Low Impact Fisheries in Sussex

1:05 Lunch – Sustainably sourced Sussex Platter

2:00 Part 3: Communities - Beyond the Byelaw part 2 – Sally restarts session

2:10 Eric Smith – Sussex Underwater - Wave of Awareness

2:20 Paul Brewer, Director for Digital, Sustainability & Resources, Adur & Worthing Councils - The Role of Local Authorities in Nature Restoration – place leadership and community engagement

2:30 Sarah Ward, Living Seas Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust & Kate Whitton, Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager, Marine Conservation Society - Importance of Citizen Science

2:45 Nikki Hills, Manager, Ella Garrud - Project Officer, Alice Tebb – Project Officer, Sophia Bolton – Comms and Admin Officer, Sophia Pinheiro Vergara – Project Assistant – Wild Coast Sussex – Connecting Communities to their Coast

2:55 Q & A – Led by Sally Ashby

3:10 Round up and thank you by Henri Brocklebank, Director Conservation, Policy & Evidence, Sussex Wildlife Trust

Kelp Summit